Google Chromebooks

Google Chromebook

Google Chromebook

There is no doubt that you have seen or heard of Google Chromebooks and most of us have used Google Chrome.  Chromebooks are laptops that run a special operating system designed by Google that allows them to be low cost and fast.  They do not run Windows or Mac OS, they run Google Chrome OS.  Google Chrome is an internet browser, the Chromebook system is built off of the Google Chrome internet browser.  When you turn one on it loads Chrome, not a whole bunch of other stuff you will never use.  Since there is very little to load like a normal computer, they are fast, blazing fast and also very secure.

What does this mean to you?

Most people and most customers I speak to say they only use their computer to check their email, browse the web and occasionally write a paper.  This is what they Chromebooks were designed for.  They were made to get the stuff done that you do the most.

Can they get viruses?

Not really, they don’t run normal applications so they cannot download and run the virus programs you see everyday.  This makes them secure and more affordable because you no longer have to have some one clean it up or tune it up.  They software keeps it self up-to-date and run their own periodic maintenance.   You just turn it on and start browsing the internet.  If it

Don’t they have to always be connected to the internet to use them?

Not really, once it is setup you can download offline versions of some of your favorite apps.  Google Docs runs offline so you can type papers.  Gmail has an offline app so you can read your emails and compose new ones.  When you connect to the internet again it will send the ones you have ready.

What Chromebook do we carry?

We carry the 14 inch HP Chromebook.  It has a larger screen size Chromebook than the standard 11 inch Chromebooks making the screen much easier to read.  It’s fast light and light weight design makes it perfect for a second computer.  You can order smaller Chromebooks but based on customer feedback we carry the 14 inch.  Call us if you need one today.